Pre-season friendlies: we'll cross those three bridges when we come to them

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Paul Tisdale reacts to the latest pre-season friendly result against Salisbury

It's off. Oh, no, wait, it's on. No, it's off. No, it's definitely on. Honestly, anybody would think we didn't want anybody to know the youth team have a friendly at Three Bridges FC this Saturday.

After being shifted around dates and cancelled more times than Battlestar Galactica, it's finally, definitely on. Maybe. Well, the oracle that is London Exiles organiser Neil Le Milliere says it's on, and that's good enough for me in terms of a yes.

Sadly it's not quite good enough as I'd already made other plans after being told it definitely wasn't happening, and I will now be lugging a large TV from one side of London to the other. Such are the joys of a weekend without competitive football.

This is a semi-lie, as the first team are actually at Forest Green Rovers that day in the last of the Grecians' pre-season friendlies. We're currently losing 3-1 at Salisbury as this is being typed, so hopefully we'll get some kind of win under our belt before the season starts.

But then does it really matter. On one hand, yes. I'd like City to win every game, thank you very much, and getting into the winning mentality is a good thing. On the other hand, meh. It's pre-season and it's hard to get that excited or read too much into a 2-2 draw at Weston-Super-Mare.

A couple of years ago we got thumped 6-0 by Bristol City in a pre-season game and went on to get promoted. We've also beaten Championship opposition in recent years and gone onto, well, not get promoted. Conclusions? There are none. It's pre-season. Get over it.

Realistically, losing to a full-strength Tottenham Hotspur and Derby isn't the end of the world this month. Losing to Salisbury is irritating. If we lose to Forest Green, that'll be troubling. But it'll mean nothing if Exeter get a result in the opener against Leeds.

Not that I can offer too much insightful analysis into any of the pre-season friendlies as I've not made any due to other commitments and ridiculously high train fares. Look, this blog did promise to offer nothing more than ill-informed opinion and conjecture, didn't it?

Whether you can call picking up a new TV a valid other commitment, I'm not sure. But it does mean I'll be able to watch football on a bigger screen. So it's an investment, and if it means forgoing a few hours in Crawley on Saturday, then it's an investment I can live with.


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