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Thursday, 30 July 2009

Weymouth: a batter plaice without Happy as Larry in attendance

Typical. You spend years (oh, all right, two years) freezing to death on the terraces at the Wessex Stadium waiting for Exeter City to, just once, record a victory there. And then they go and win the game you don't go to. Once, just for once, it would have been nice if a trip to the seaside town could have ended in something other than depression.

[I actually quite like Weymouth as a place. You can get very decent fish and chips there. Sadly, the stadium is nowhere near a chippy, although if industrial estates are you thing, you'll enjoy it. There's also a pub called the John Gregory nearby, which amuses me a lot more than it should.]

In fairness to those depressing defeats in Dorset, they meant something, unlike a pre-season friendly. But still, it's nice that we can chalk up a victory there, even if it is a meaningless match against a team three divisions below us. I'm not taking this attitude because I'd forgotten the game was even on, honest.

And, getting serious for a moment, it's good to see Weymouth even playing games. It was touch and go for a lot of last season as to whether they'd survive.

Actually, all games at this stage mean something as Paul Tisdale starts to select his starting eleven for Leeds. Given that we've currently got about 27 central midfielders, that's no easy task. In Tis we trust though.

From the sounds of things Manny Panther played well against Weymouth. After seeing the big man with an impenetrable Scottish accent in fits and starts last season, here's hoping he can lay claim to a starting spot. Panther's got pace and power (but a poor first touch) and could give us an extra physical edge that we'll need.

He probably won't even make the starting lineup now I've written that.

More worryingly was the injury to Adam Stansfield. After establishing that it's definitely not his head that's the problem, it's now a question of waiting to see what part of his body is knacked and how bad it is.

Stanno missed the run-in through injury last season and if he's done his knee in again that's not good news. He's not exactly prolific but he has got pace and will harry defenders all day long. Without him, we don't look exactly pacy up front.

The natural replacement for Stanno would be Ben Watson but he doesn't seem to have featured in any of the pre-season friendlies. Perhaps he got tarmacked over when the Cat and Fiddle training ground car park was being relaid and nobody noticed? He is only little after all.

Is it the start of the season yet? God, I'm getting impatient.


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