Carlisle 0 Exeter City 1: I know naaaathing

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Hola? Exeter City's result? I no know, sorry señor

Literally. I should go to weddings more often if this if we can keep winning. I'll offer to go to a wedding a week if it means we win every game this season.

For a whole afternoon, I was in the heart of the English countryside in a place with hardly any phone reception and no sign of Sky Sports.

Having headed out in the knowledge that my sporting interests would be curbed for Saturday, I was strangely calm and, having a great time at the wedding, it was actually quite nice to forget about football for a day (had it been a vital 'big' game, or Leeds away, this viewpoint would probably have been somewhat different).

A snatched couple of minutes on the BlackBerry in the loo during the evening party was enough to make me a happy man by telling me Marcus Stewart had given City a 1-0 win over Carlisle.

A glance at the sports section in the morning papers was enough to tell me it was a penalty. I leaned back, content in my train seat, and supped my tea, musing on the fact we actually managed to score a penalty.

So, as of this point in time, I can tell you no more about the match or how we played or any other ill-informed opinions from a game I didn't see.

What I can say, is that goal takes Marcus Stewarrrrt onto 250 career goals, which is a fantastic achievement for any professional. He doesn't always get the credit he deserves, but his football brain is way ahead of anybody else in the team and he does a lot of hard work that doesn't always gets noticed.

I can also tell you it was a bloody good wedding.

It also continues our good record at Brunton Park, our longest away trip of the season. And it means we have that all important first win in League One.

Part of me isn't that bothered about how we performed, just that we've got that stumbling mental block out of the way. Now we can hopefully thrash Franchise FC in style next week.


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