Manny moves and Wayne fades to Gray

Thursday, 20 August 2009

This month, I've had a small inkling what it's like to be a Manchester United fan after witnessing the most protracted non-move in Exeter City's history. Never before have I got to experience the first-hand mind-numbingness of logging onto the forums everyday only to find the only development is somebody heard from somebody who's friends with the player on Facebook that said player has set a semi-cryptic status which means HE'S DEFINITELY COMING TO EXETER.

At the moment, Stuart Fleetwood probably isn't coming to Exeter.

The Charlton striker was on-loan with us towards the end of last season, scoring three important goals in the process and was rumoured to be back at the Park, making his loan move permanent.

And then... well, nothing. Tisdale put in a bid for him and Charlton said no and quoted some ridiculous figure back at us, to which we said "he may have scored a shedload of goals for Forest Green but he isn't that good". And that's about it. Hasn't stopped plenty of being telling us it's definitely a done dea... OH GOD PLEASE MAKE IT STOP.

So, we've got an impasse, which is unlikely to be resolved until the last hour of the transfer window. Until then, we have Wayne Gray on trial with us.

He was Yeovil's top scorer a few seasons back and was released from Leyton Orient at the start of the summer after doing his cruciate ligaments in.

If we can't get Fleetwood (or rather, not pay over the odds for him) then maybe Gray's the backup option. I'd have no objections to this, although hopefully it wouldn't displace Richard Logan, who HaL suspects could be rather good for us.

And in other transfer news, as predicted, Emmanuel Panther has joined Morecambe on loan. We've already covered this, so all that need to be said is it'd be nice to think he still has a future with us when he comes back, but that probably won't happen.

And if he doesn't want to be here, then best he moves on. We've not had a proper pouting premadonna since Justin Walker left. Not that Manny is such a thing, but no player's bigger than the club and all that.


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