Next up Norwich. What can you say after a 5-0 loss? About the same as Norwich could say after losing 7-1, I suppose

Thursday, 13 August 2009

It's rare that this blog is lost for words. Or rather doesn't have a lot to say. Normally it specialises in half-arsed punditry and badly constructed opinion cobbled together from the back pages of the Express and Echo after they've been wrapped around the weekly fish and chip meal.

But today's different. Well, it isn't, but it's certainly unusual. For once there's not a lot to be said. We've just lost 5-0 in the Carling Cup, Norwich come of the back of a 4-0 victory.

Cups are slightly different from the league and it's probably a good thing for Exeter the Canaries have got their big win out of their system ahead of visiting us.

Bar Manny's transfer request, there's not a lot of news. Richard Logan looks like he's back from injury, which gives City more options up front. Tully will probably come into the team in place of the suspended Goldbourne. And, er, that's it really.

It's kind of difficult to analyse ahead of a game that could go either way. Once it's over, we might have a better idea of what type of season Exeter are going to have. I think we might sneak it by a goal, but it's going to be close. Certainly closer than people think.

Off to Devon tomorrow morning so posting will be light. In the meantime, if you're feeling particularly masochistic, here's the QPR goals. Quality finish for Routledge's first.


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