We’ve got 29 men and no panther doesn’t have the same ring. Manny hands in a transfer request according to Sky

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Panther: Soon to ditch the red and white?

Seems like the best named played in our squad’s had enough. Emmanuel Panther has, according to Sky Sports News (according to somebody who saw it on Exeweb - so that's third-hand news for us and no sources checked. Top quality journalism, as always), handed in a transfer request. Which is a bit of a shame as HaL had high hopes for Manny this season.

It’s also not entirely surprising. City are oversubscribed already in central midfield, and with Big Rob, Nelly Saunders and Marcus Stewaaaaarrrrrt also capable of playing there, it was always going to be a battle.

Also, Panther is the only one of our squad who’s got the hump at being left out. He had a bit of a sulk last season and went on loan to Rushden where he got sent off twice before coming back and slowly forcing his way into the team.

He’s also bloody strong and the only player I’ve seen that compensates for a awful first touch by just muscling the opposition player out of the way.

Maybe he got the hump as he didn’t even make the bench at Leeds. But Bertie and Harley are both playing well, and Big Rob appears to be the first choice to sit in front of the defence. Which means he’s got to wait for an injury or suspension,

But Tis often brings players back in so he’d probably have got his chance sooner rather than later. Plus we need a bit of muscle in the centre of the park, especially if Harley’s playing.

So, does Manny want to be a big fish elsewhere or a player who has the potential to establish himself in a League One club given the choice? Well, we know the answer now.

Shame really and, if he has indeed handed in a request and does go, he’ll be filed under ‘what if’. He could still do a great job for us. But if he doesn’t want to be at City then let him go and free up the wages for somebody else.

We would report on exactly what he said, but Manny has one of the most unintelligible Scottish accents so that may not be possible.


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