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Sunday, 25 October 2009

There are reasons, aye. Ways and means as to why it's been three matches and not a peep. The results probably hint why.

There was, shall we say, a minor sulk after losing 4-0 away to Huddersfield, which turned into a non-post because HaL was preparing for the annual holiday. Then, the day before said holiday, we go and lose 3-0 away at Walsall, and the case wasn't packed and Mrs HaL was fretting about shoe colour and before you knew it, we were in Dubrovnik and narry a free piece of internet in sight.

Then I get back today, and what do I find? We drew one-all with sodding Wycombe. At home.


Ok, to get sensible for a moment. There's little point in discussing three games that we haven't seen, other than feedback seems to indicate we were awful at Huddersfield, much better at Walsall and a bit average against Wycombe.

More worryingly, there's a lot of fans on Exeweb talking about players not appearing to be putting the effort in. I can forgive us playing utter shite if they try, but not bothering is criminal football offence, or rather it would be if football had criminal offences.

There are encouraging signs, though. Getting a last minute equaliser in injury time can do wonders for morale, for sure. And we're still where I expected us to be. There are, and will still be, worse teams in the division. And nobody said it was going to be another promotion chase. Except those who thought a 3-1 win over Hartlepool signified the playoffs. Tish and fips.

What we've got to do is win the home games, starting with Brentford next weekend. That will make me breathe easier. But we're by no mean in a dire situation, and it's nothing a couple of wins on the bounce won't help.

There's also been the small matter of an FA Cup first round draw. Some will be delighted that City have drawn lowly Nuneaton Town. Not Happy As Larry. Curzon Ashton is still fresh in the memory. We shall say no more, lest it result in another round of metaphorical cat kicking.


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