Whisper it quietly but we may be finding our level

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

What's that? We're unbeaten in six in all competitions? We sit 14th in the table? We're eight point away from relegation? It's taken a good few months, but slowly it looks like Exeter are adjusting to life in League One.

What's more, we're now scoring rather than conceding late goals, which is nice. And we're not chopping and changing that much either. Perhaps Tis has even found his best side.

Take last night against Millwall. Earlier in the season going one nil down and a man down would have seen us fold. Now we have the mental strength to hold out and snatch an equaliser. Millwall are a very decent side, so there's no disgrace in taking a point at home against them.

And that's before we even get to a magnificent late two goals against Stockport, which really is the type of win that will keep us away from the relegation zone. The key man is all of this: Adam Stansfield.

Hands up all those who thought Stanno might not quite be good enough for this level, excellent as he's been previously.

*HaL looks nervously around, coughs, and sheepishly raises hand*

Yes, we'll admit it. Stanno has a great attitude and can harry defences all day long but he's never quite managed it at League One before and, well, there was a suspicion that perhaps he wouldn't quite be able to hack it.

We're wrong. We're so very very wrong. Stanno, please forgive us. We never doubted you at all, and long may your scoring continue. Seriously, those were some coolly taken goals, not to mention is hard work for our third at Stockport. Is he worth a start over Fleetwood. Can we be rash and say yes? We have no shame if it means we're proclaiming the best thing since the bread slicer was invented in a few weeks time.

So, City now sit comfortably in mid-table and our next league win could take us to to 11th. Heady times indeed. What's more, the players look more comfortable now and have belief. If 14th, or even 11th is where we finish, I'll be delighted.

Coming up next are Franchise FC in the cup this weekend, who're in somewhat of a mini-slump themselves, including blowing a three goal lead against Carlisle last night to lose at home.

Snigger. Guffaw. Etc.

When the draw was made for the Second Round at the start of the month, I viewed it as the end of City's cup run. Now I'm not so sure. I've got a funny feeling in my gut that we could win this, and that isn't just my bowels playing up again. Whilst I have no interest in going to Franchise in the league, winning there in the cup would be rather entertaining. Let's go for it, eh.

And one last thing - today the BBC report that That Lot Down The Road are interested in Ryan Harley. Of course they would be. Harley is pure class. Barry McConnell once told my mate that Harley was good enough to play in the Premier League, and if the Whimple Whippet says so then who are we to argue.

Seriously, after an inconsistent season in League Two, the Ginger Ninja has come good and, along with Bertie Cozic, has been one of our best players this season. Plus he can hit a mean free kick, as we've seen twice in as many weeks.

Now, while Harley's good enough to play at a higher level, he can do better than Argyle, who, God willing, will be relegated this season. Harley could hold out for a decent Championship side and fit in well there, plus it means he won't be relegated at the end of the season.

Go on Ryan, you can do better, so take the Greenies offer and tell them to stick it where their pasty leftovers don't shine.

That is all.


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