Troy, Franchise and the predictable

Monday, 1 February 2010

I know what you're thinking. You're think HaL is sulking because Exeter have been playing badly, hence no updates. Right? WRONG. There's been a break in here due to something urgent and non-football related, which is now, very thankfully, over. Let's move on.

In a strange kind of way, despite the results this month, City took exactly what I expected them to take, just not in a way that was expected.

To whit, look at the fixtures and you'd think Carlisle at home would be three points, Yeovil would be a point, we may just scrape something from the MK Dons game, but best not to assume that, and Leeds would be a loss.

Shows what I know.

So, mix it up a bit and swap Leeds for Carlisle and Yeovil for Franchise FC and we're exactly where it's to be expected. Which is both good, insofar as we shouldn't be panicking, but bad because we failed to build on the Leeds game, which really was an extra three points in the grand scheme of things and one we could have used to push ourselves away from the relegation zone.

Look, you don't expect City to do things the easy way, do you?

So, the less said about Yeovil and Carlisle the better, largely because we weren't there and anything committed to this blog will be even more speculative, ridiculous and pig-ignorant than usual.

We also weren't at Franchise FC, having point blank refused to go back to the most soulless stadium ever to host a game in the history of the sport, ever (minus the hyperbole). This has nothing to do with the FA Cup loss. I'd still rather chew my own leg off than have to watch another game there.

Instead, HaL went to AFC Wimbledon v Workington in the FA Trophy, which was a reasonably entertaining game. Wimbledon were shocking, much worse than I've ever seen them play, while Workington were a very good stereotypical Cumbrian team, assuming stereotypical Cumbrian teams are packed with very tall lads who pay neat, direct football and don't let the opposition time to settle. The Reds away win at Kingsmeadow was well deserved.

Anyway, we weren't at that other place, but by all reports CIty gave a very good account of themselves, and there's nothing like a last-minute equaliser to lift the spirits.

It's also heartening to see Barry Corr being the man to score that goal. He's a very lucky man to not be frozen out after his latest indiscretion and many fans wouldn't have been sorry to see the back of him this month. But he's still here, and he's scoring, which is the main thing. And while Corr may not be the flavour of the month, us fans are fickle. If he knuckles down, scores and plays well, he'll soon be a terrace hero at St James Park. Such is football, and good luck to him.

Finally, comes the shocking news that Exeter City have signed a player on deadline day. Yes, an actual player who walks and speaks and other things. Wonders will never cease to amaze us.

That play is Troy Archibald-Henville, and if that name sounds familiar, it's because he's been on loan from Spurs for the past year. We've just decided to make his move permanent.

Again, HaL has been critical of Troy this season. For whatever reason, the mental side of his game has been found wanting at times. But there's no doubt he's a very talented player and, at just 21, the has a big future in the game. As well as a big name.

Troy knows what's expected of him and will benefit from regular coaching from Tis' team. There is a lot of talent to be unlocked there and his re-arrival means all those fretting about the lack of centre-halves can sleep easier tonight. Overall, we're impressed with this signing and would much rather have Troy on our team than not.

Up next is Southampton this weekend. I would try and predict a score, but given the results of this month, I've long since given up any form of predictions.


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