Why Barry Corr should never play for Exeter City again

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Barry "Three Reds" Corr in full battle cry

There are players who, for whatever reason, frequently drink in the last chance chance saloon, and there are those who finish up their beverage, discover they've run out of credit, and make their way out, tail between legs, although in Barry Corr's case, this exit is probably accompanied by a sly punch towards whoever's the subject of his temper.

Yesterday, in the dying minutes of City's 1-0 loss to Millwall, Corr flies in for a tackle. It's high, dangerous and studs are showing and the referee, who had a poor game, gets his first major decision of the game correct and shows the Irish striker a red card.

Barry's doing well now. That's his third red card of the season. Add in the yellows he's picked up and he has as many cards as he has goals. And yet again, he's deprived Exeter of his services, this time when we're lacking Stanno and Marcus Stewart to injury. In total, he'll have missed 12 games this season, assuming he doesn't get sent off again on his return.

If I missed around a quarter of my work through my own stupidity, I'd rightly expect to be sacked. If Corr is still at this club at the start of next season, after his deal expires, he's a very lucky man indeed.

What's even more frustrating is just how stupid these cards have been. At Leeds he was shown a red for aiming a couple of sly rabbit punches to his opponent's back. At home to Southend, he aimed a very petulant off-the-ball kick right in front of the referee. And then there's his lunge at Millwall. All utterly needless.

It's not as if he's a Rooney-like player who has aggression as part of his game, or is a Scholes type, he can't tackle and will inevitably pick up cards. These were because he's failed to control his temper and cost his team badly. There have been a couple of other incidents where he's made a few stupid challenges that have been missed by the ref.

All this wouldn't matter if he was a player who regularly found the net and had made himself indispensable to the club. He's sadly not.

Let's caveat the following by saying that he does have a natural talent and ability, and there's clearly a good player in there. But we've yet to see it.

Corr came to City from Swindon after spending a large amount of time sidelined with a serious injury. He wasn't match fit when he arrived and needed games to get his sharpness back. It's telling that his best spell came in the run up to Southend at home, when he was starting to look like a decent player. And then he got sent off.

And this is before we take into account his performance at Millwall. Corr is a big, strong player, yet either missed or was bullied off the ball for virtually every header. His touch was shocking. And like Filippo Inzaghi, but nowhere near as talented, he appeared to be born offside. Any half promising move was stopped by the linesman's flag raised against Barry.

It's not the first time he's put in a performance like that. He'll now be out for another five matches. Quite simply, despite being a better player than at least McAllister and Watson, and possibly Logan and Fleetwood, he is an underperforming liability he can't be relied to stay on the pitch for 90s minutes.

It's now time for Logan, McAllister, Fleetwood and Watson to step up and lay claim to Corr's starting spot. Because he sure as hell doesn't deserve it when his ban ends.

Three red cards for violent, unnecessary conduct in a season is unacceptable. If I was Paul Tisdale (which fans should be thankful I'm not) then I'd fine Corr the maximum possible amount and tell him that unless he put in double effort into training and played out of his skin in the run in when he returned, then he was out of the door come the summer. And that's being generous. The striker can have no complaints if he never plays another game for our club.

It's a shame I've ended up ranting about Corr, because this detracts from some positive points from yesterday's game. Yes, we lost, albeit to a magnificent free kick from Neil Harris from a very dubious foul, but we competed and we spoilt the game. Not how I'd choose to take points, but at this stage it'll do.

Realistically it was always going to be a big ask to take three points, or even one, against a very good in-form Millwall side and we gave as good as we got. 39-year-old Andy Marriott was in inspired form, pulling off three world-class saves. Goldborne and Duffy were also superb, Sercombe played well, and despite a very scrappy first half, we were doing ok.

I don't blame Tisdale for bringing on a second striker (a very motivated and impressive cameo from Fleetwood) for Joe Burnell (he EXISTS!) but it did lose our shape and opened the game up. One-nil wasn't an unfair score, but a goalless draw would have also been fair. Once it opened up, Millwall looked the better side, although we also had our chances.

Still, let's put Millwall out of the way. We have a series of very winnable game between now and our home game against Colchester in April. There is a real chance we can put some points on the board.

Of course we'll have to do it without Stanno, Stewart, and Troy, all of whom are big losses. We'll also do it without Barry Corr, and, frankly, I think most City fans can live without him.

(Photo: Express and Echo: This Is Exeter)


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