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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Corr: We don't like him when he's angry

Barry Corr is doing his best to make me not hate him. First he sticks £400 into the Pitch In campaign (probably a publicity stunt, but a welcome one nonetheless) and then he goes and gets a hat-trick for the reserves. And we haven't even mentioned his delightful little chip to send Richard Logan clear for the equaliser at Wycombe.

All this after we loudly and brashly declared that Three Reds Corr should never play for the club again. Well, we're still not his greatest fans. But perhaps the reaction to his third red has woken Bazza up. Perhaps, finally, we may see the player we hoped we'd signed. And, please, dear God of football, please, don't let him get another red card. At that stage, we'd happily drive him to wherever his next club may be, even if that's Australia.

Still, at least Three Reds scores goals, and has the potential to fire us to safety. Unlike Stuart Fleetwood, who is complaining he's been left out of the side and he's not sure why.

Here's a clue Stuart: You're meant to be the star striker, yet you've scored three goals all season and missed countless others. There's still probably a player in there, but you probably need to set up your entire system around him. Given that a) he's only on loan and b) Stanno's probably better, that isn't going to happen.

And, in all honesty, Logie, Stanno an, after his hat-trick, *coughyeahwellhumblepie* Corr are all probably ahead of him, not to mention pressure from Jimmy Norwood and Ben Watson, Fleetwood can't guarantee a spot on the bench, given his form this season.

We hoped he'd prove his critics wrong and score lots of goals. Sadly that's not happened, but it's advice Barry Corr seems to be taking. Now we're off to the bookie to bet on Bazza firing City to safety. Yeah, excess optimism and fickle fandom all the way!


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