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Thursday, 18 March 2010

This blog would like to go on the record to say two things. Firstly, we're very sorry for our absence. Secondly, James Dunne is now a minor deity.

As it's been a while, we won't bother with all the news, but suffice to say this time last week, HaL was getting ready to pack away the League One party kit and prepare for a more sombre life in League Two again next season. Today, HaL has got out the red and white megaphone and is prepared to join the boys as we fight to the death to stay up.

We may be going down, but we're not going quietly.

Southend was a turning point of sorts. After a quick game of mini golf and fish and chips on the beach (us, not Tis and the boys), Roots Hall and a potentially depressing defeat beckoned. Lose on the Essex coast and that was it for the season. A draw didn't seem enough.

But, somehow, a 0-0 did it. We weren't great, Southend were worse, down on confidence from their awful run. And although we couldn't pick a way through the defence - including a horrible first touch by Fleetwood, a stunning narrow-miss from Sercombe, and a disallowed (rightly) goal from Stanno - we did, for the first time in ages, look like a solid, coherent team.

And in the centre of that was James Dunne. He produced the kind of all action box-to-box performance that hasn't been seen since possibly Glenn Cronin in his prime. Wherever the ball went, Dunne was there. It's taken time, but suddenly he's clicked into the City way of thinking, has found some form and suddenly looks like the man to take us by the scruff of the neck and drag us kicking and screaming out of the relegation zone.

Which, frankly, we've all been crying out for.

This was followed by a lovely 90th minute near-post header at the end of an "uninspiring game" (the Sky Sports reporter's words, not mine) to score our first goal since January from open play, consign Bristol Rovers to a 1-0 defeat and leave us deliciously close to safety. One point to be precise.

And there we stand. A win away at Wycombe could take us out of the drop zone. A draw keeps us in touch. Every game is a mustn't-lose and occasionally must-win. It won't be easy but this is Exeter City, what did you expect.

After the Leeds victory, we said this win would count for nothing unless we pushed on. The same can be said of last night's win. We can't slip back into old habits and let's hope a good Southend performance plus a last-minute winner has given the boys confidence. Because, with just over a month to go now, that's what we badly need.

(If you're asking where we've been, sulking mostly. And contending with a dead laptop. Sorry about that.)


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