Wycombe: It's Logan time

Monday, 22 March 2010

Funny how these things can turn around. A couple of weeks ago, we hadn't won since January, now we're on a three game unbeaten streak. Although two of those are draws. But we're still unbeaten and staying within a point of safety. This was never going to be an easy mid-table season was it?

So, yes, Wycombe, a side rooted around the bottom of the table after making the mistake of employing Peter Taylor as manager. They've now got Gary Waddock, who I do rate, in charge, and, frankly, when the Chairboys moved into a two goal lead, that was it, game over, back to fretting about where our next point would come from.

And then... and then Liam Sercombe took control and unleashed a thunderbolt to pull one back. And when Barry "Three Reds" Corr sent Richard Logan scampering past the defence there was only ever one outcome. Logie doesn't miss chances like that. Well, actually, he probably does and has but that wouldn't fit with this blog's biased tone of Logan-worship.

This result is an unusual one for City. We're normally more likely to concede late equalisers than score them at the moment, and combined with a late winner against Bristol and a battling display against Southend, we're suddenly looking like a team that believes again - a state of mind that couldn't come any sooner.

It's also fantastic to see Liam Sercombe coming off age in the centre of the park, and he's undoubtedly comfortable playing with Dunne and Harley. We were critical of Sercs earlier this season, sadly noting that he wasn't fulfilling his potential.

Well that's definitely changed, and we'd like to say we always had belief Liam would come good, we just thought he made need a loan move to regain his confidence.

As it is, he's getting stronger in the centre of the park, shooting from distance and doing a lot of the dirty work that isn't always appreciated. In short, come next season we could have a cracking little player on our hands.

That said, we've probably gone and cursed him. After praising James Dunne last week, he went and gave away Wycombe's first goal on Saturday.

But, also, it's great to see Logie on the scoresheet, and nice to see Tis praising him as well. Hopefully that'll mean he'll get a new deal. I may be blinded by fandom, but I maintain that, when in the mood, Logie is one of the most naturally talented players at the club. Play him and he will score.

And, despite our known dislike for "Three Reds" Corr, it's good to see he can play football and not get sent off. The through ball for Logie was sublime. Hopefully Bazza will be motivated enough to fire us to safety. And if he does that, we'll happily be the first ones calling for a new deal for him. Because we're football fans and football fans are fickle.


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