Tisdale stays to lead Exeter into the promised land of the top half of League One

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Hands off Swansea, you can't have our glorious leader. In what's now becoming an annual soap opera, Exeter City manager Paul Tisdale has turned down the chance to manage Swansea City in the Championship.

And breeeeathe.

Not that it felt like there was as much danger of him going this summer, as opposed to last summer, when he was close to heading to the Liberty Stadium.

This year, there's not even a hint of a dalliance, just a "thanks, but no thanks," to Swans chair Huw Jenkins, before turning his attention to plotting this year's escape to victory.

This summer Tisdale's been slowly putting a decent team together, has a modestly increased playing budget, and got a much-needed new pitch installed at St James Park. It would have taken some offer to see him leave at the moment.

But leave he no doubt will at some point - and few would begrudge him when he does.

He's currently one of the greatest and most successful managers in the club's history and has built a solid team that plays attractive football, and builds on his success year-on-year. It's inevitable a club will come in for him and as and when that time comes, we wish him well.

In the meantime, Tis has continued to build for this season by signing Daniel Nardiello on a free transfer. Yes, that Daniel Nardiello who was one the future at Manchester United.

If he can stay fit, he could be that striker we've been looking for. Whisper it, but I'm liking the way this squad is taking shape.


Early Bath 21 July 2010 at 16:55  

Hi Gary,

Sorry for putting this in the comments section but I couldn't find any other way of contacting you.

Like your blog. Used to be a regular back when I lived in Exeter. Long time ago now mind; those heady days of Scotty Hiley, Steve "weeeeeave" Neville, Danny Bailey, etc.

Anyway, just wanted to give you a quick heads-up about my newish footy blog. It's not allied to any one club - it's mostly humorous snippets with the odd longer article.

Have a look. It's at www.earlybath.co.uk/blog .

If you like it, maybe you'd be kind enough to include a link somewhere - it's like a ghost town there at the moment.

Hope you like it. Thanks.

Ian at Early Bath

Early Bath 21 July 2010 at 16:57  

By the way, did you used to be involved with the Exe Directory? I used to enjoy that.

If you did then you still owe me an issue.

(just kidding!)

Gary A 23 July 2010 at 23:45  

Hi Ian - no problem, and thanks for stopping by! It's always nice to see that people read my City-related ramblings (and this place really is just for fun). I was never part of the Exe directory, this place was just started up because I didn't want to bore people about Exeter on the other blogs I write.

I've had a quick look around - I really like the footy fan soap bars :-) I'll see what I can do for a link, but I'll definitely stick you in my RSS reader, so will no doubt Tweet out a link or two - I've followed you on Twitter too.

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